We know it can be daunting buying a home that needs work, finding a beautiful lot that needs a structure, or renting an office space with no walls. Whatever your challenges may be, at AP Resort Concepts, we can elevate your designs every step of the way.




Find Real Estate - We help you find the right piece of real estate for an investment, for work, or for your new home.

Listen & Learn Consultation - With an initial walk-thru of the project, we can assess the scope of work and help you develop a game plan.

Inspirational Images - Tell us what inspires you. We will articulate the vernacular.

Create a Budget - You have a number and we understand how important it is to stay on track and work within those parameters.

Form a Team - It's important to choose the right architect, general contractor, and trades based on the genre of your home and the budget you have in mind. We will guide you through the process.

Prepare Timelines - We provide schedules for each project so deadlines are met. We know that any project behind schedule will cost you time and more money.


Work with the Architect - We work alongside the architect in the beginning to help lay out your floor plan based on your lifestyle and the furnishings you want to incorporate. 

Work with the GC - We work alongside the general contractors and site supers on project sites so that every detail is executed as designed. 

Project Management - We manage your project for quality control from budgets to timelines to installations.  

Interior Room Drawings - We draw out every room in CAD and/or Revit so you can imagine the space before we build.

Finishes & Fixtures - We help you select the right fitted fixtures and customize any finishes.

3D Renderings - We provide 3D color renderings of the space to help you conceptualize and visualize.

Shop Drawings -We prepare cut sheets and technical drawings for installers to ensure the construction is done to perfection.



We furnish your home from head to toe, and all you have to do is pour yourself a drink when you move in.


Window Treatment



Art & Sculptures


Kitchenware & Barware

Game Room Furnishings

Every Space in the Home is Outfitted & Turn Key

"Whether you are renovating an old home or building a dream house, it is my mission to make the process enjoyable for the homeowner.”

Annette Phan – President of AP Resort Concepts