ART DE VIVRE : Timeless Designs for Modern Living


Your home is your sanctuary.  A place of peace and tranquility when you’re alone and a place of laughter and joy when you’re entertaining.  Whichever the occasion, we understand how important it is to make your living spaces beautiful and purposeful.   As you move through life, your home not only reflects who you are but also who you want to become.  For all those years of hard work and searching for the perfect property, your home should be a reflection of your experiences and accomplishments.  Whether your style is traditional, transitional or contemporary, we have the experience to tailor an iconic living environment for you. 


About Us

AP Resort Concepts is a boutique interior design and real estate firm based in Vail, Colorado with a portfolio of residential and commercial work that stretches across North America. 

Our team can transform the place you live or work into a place you will love.  Whether you are looking to remodel, buy a house, or find the perfect piece of land to build your dream home, our real estate and interior design team can assist you every step of the way.  Unlike other realtors. AP Resort Concepts has extensive knowledge and experience working with industry insiders and will provide you with a thorough understanding of the current market trends and design aesthetics to ensure the best return on your investment.  Bringing the expertise of a full service interior design firm in from the beginning allows us to streamline the property search process and guarantee that the site or home you are looking to transform can deliver your vision, and meet your budget


Real Estate

We realize purchasing the perfect property can be overwhelming.

We can help you decide on size, scale, and style during your search.  Similarly, we can assist the speculative developer or investor who wants to build or renovate in a hot market but is unfamiliar with the current design trends.  At AP Resort Concepts, we can lend a hand to the mélange of scenarios. Our ability to bring design and development expertise into the initial real estate property search allows for an efficient and effective, streamlined process. By evaluating the property, analyzing your requirements and determining a viable solution, we can secure your vision and execute, giving you a sound investment. 


Interior Design

With fresh perspectives, limitless creativity and innovative ideas, AP Resort Concepts prides itself on designing without boundaries and turning challenging spaces into inspirational environments.  

Our team works alongside architects and builders from start to finish making sure that the design concept will exceed your expectations and enhance your life. As a collaborative group we create functional layouts, detail all of your interior living spaces, customize your finishes, and select all furnishings and décor.  Our team has traveled the world to source new materials, finishes, suppliers, unique furnishings, rare objects, and conversation pieces, to create distinctive designs.  With knowledge of the latest technologies and the newest applications, we are able to deliver design solutions that stay ahead of the trend.  


“At AP Resort Concepts we gather our inspiration from thriving holistic design, and we bring beautiful expressions to life, making your vision reality.”

Annette Phan - President of AP Resort Concepts